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I absolutely do not recommend this company to anyone.First of all, their claim is that you can receive one of their "lesser" domains "for free".

Free Free Free!! Real big all over their paget. Why would you pay for a more commonly known domain when you can receive one supposedly slightly less common right? And remember everyone "It's Free!" What does this suggest?

That, I dunno, It's free!! Now, if you knew you were only getting this lame domain* (that most would look at and assume it's a phishing site, or a scamming site, or just some lame, broke site attempting business from anyone- ironically when I attempted to open this site on my iPhone to make my complaint to them, my phone warned me that this site was a possible phishing site and can't be trusted. My phone had NO idea just how right it was)*for just one week after which you would be charged- just as you would a more common domain such as a .com, .net, etc, which would receive much more attention, don't you think one would just skip all the bullcrap and go strait for the good stuff? Um ya, it's a no brainer.

So make sure ya'll read the real super fine, fine print so you know exactly when you are going to get screwed. And this is because, no matter the problem, misunderstanding, unsatisfactory experience, deceptive advertising, and horrible policy and customer service- YOU the customer are not right and are absolutely powerless when it comes to these issues. And the reason for this is they have a no refund policy. Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you- that's what I said.

They sell a product and have absolutely no guarantee, "no way" to refund your money if you are completely unsatisfied with their service (or like in my case-never even used their service, or even went back to their website). Who does that??? wsdomains aka Global Domains does. Their excuse was during my apparent subscription (unbeknownst to me- I didn't even know I had one, because its "free" remember), no one could create and use that very domain name.

Please! the likeliness of that happening is slim to none. Wow! I'll say my only mistake was missing the disclaimer on their website that said "we're a bunch of slimy, deceptive douchebags.

And OH!! By the way sucker, we can't guarantee any sort of satisfaction, because we are just 'that' kind of company....". (And of course, for "legal" purposes only, to clarify: they don't have a disclaimer of that kind- though if they were honest people- they would have that very disclaimer in plain sight- unlike their sneaky loopholes) It's pretty sad when almost 100% of the business' now a days can offer a guarantee but a website selling websites has no customer security/guarantee/service to offer at all!! I mean come on- even the 5 year old kids down the street washing cars for mere change, or selling lemonade, can give their customers a guarantee.

I even forewarned the "manager" with whom I was speaking, that the next thing on my agenda after speaking to him was to report and submit complaints via internet everywhere and anywhere I could. I give this company a negative 5 stars. Quite frankly, that's giving them far more credit than they deserve. And I would REALLY appreciate my money back.

Obviously if I was seeking home employment, thus my purpose for even visiting their site, my family and I are beyond dire straits. We can't even make it paycheck to paycheck as it is. I didn't have any money to just throw away, especially $55!!! It was very wrong of them.

Slimy, deceptive, and rude. All of which are obviously negative, wrong and down right bad things to be. That alone says everything about that company. It's truly unfortunate for them as well, as numerous friends and associates of mine are entrepreneurs, business people, and business owners.

All of which I would have gladly referred to this company, had they been a good, helpful, courteous, understanding, & undeceitful establishment.Their misfortune.

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Unfortunately it sucks that Global Domains International also know as GDI has to deal with LOSERS

like the poster above, practically on a daily basis for their lack of education.

If you read above in his post.He and his family is in dire straits of money.

" Quote " my family and I are beyond dire straits. We can't even make it paycheck to paycheck as it is. I didn't have any money to just throw away "Unquote ".

If you read above he speaks of his IPHONE where he said, his phone had no idea. This poster post is about as clueless as his IPHONE that he is paying a monthly bill too.

It wouldn't surprise me if the entire family had a IPHONE. But, yet he claims they are in dire straits of money.

He has already demonstrated that he can't think for himself when he referenced that his IPHONE had no idea. Let's see.. how much did that IPHONE cost and the on going monthly bill...

any way, you all know the answer to that one if your paying for one.

A person in dire straits for money is because of lack of education and choices they have made that has lead one to the present. Maybe you should tune into the Dave Ramsey radio show get education to get out of debt. You can live without an IPHONE and that monthly bill for starters. Instant savings right there.

While you are at it. Start turning the lights off when you leave a room. You know those yard lights that you get for $1.00 to $1.50 on the cheap. Outside...

They will light up the rooms for Free. Then back outside in the morning. Stop your whining for being a loser. One of the hardest things to do is teaching losers how to make money online and Global Domains International is the IDEAL company for newbies to start learning a trade.

Unfortunately, this loser don't know how to read and his IPHONE that he is paying a monthly fee does his thinking for him. Did you see above where this loser stressed the word.. FREE FREE FREE FREE as there would never be a cost. Fact is.

GDI up front says, you can get started for FREE for the first 7 days and then only $10.00 per month, thereafter. What this loser went and done was took the premium offer instead of staying on the cheap with the basic at $10.00 per month. I do not suggest for anyone starting out at the premium price. Unless you are an experienced internet marketer that has the skills to drive lots of signups.

Let's talk Domaining. If everyone had an education. Everyone would own a domain, specially being in GDI for the mere fact it's only $10.00 per month and pays five generations and pays cash bonuses when one reaches sponsorship goals. You get Rewarded.

Would one agree your Home, Apartment, trailer would be a Domain? Has a roof top, sides, like a box, sorta like a monitor would look. Square. Really now.

Why would you pay high rent or cost for your own personal domain when you can live in the woods in a cardboard box. More saving money tips for you. Why own a domain online where you sit behind a computer and where ever you go you will always be on someone elses website and NO one on your website. Oh.

Let's talk about that most common .com .net etc as you so stated above. The search engines does not discriminant which domain extensions one uses. The search engines don't try and start a civil war among the 100 or so domain extensions that exists now. You see loser.

Rather it's .com .net .biz .org .tv .cn .me and many others. It makes no matter to the search engines and when the general public seeks what they are looking for, you get discovered - maybe, that is, you took your website creation seriously and learn to manage your website. Loser. I hope you get to read this post.

I'm going to do you a favor and all those who gets to read the post. Google search. " Gray Googlers " Read the story on Hope Pryor, a home maker who wanted to make her a simple easy hobby website on recipes for herself that happen to turn into a gold mine that set her on the path of $40,000.00 a month. Jerry Alonzy, another good story.

Made a handy man website.

Nothing fancy and he is making $120,000.00 a year.All you losers keep complaining cause you rather be a loser than get in, get up, live the dream.

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